lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

More about Second Life yeeiii*

For this task i had to visit a place in UWA 3D Open Art Challenge. It is a competition on second life created by The University of Western Australia... well i think this was the place.. Im not really sure beacause I don't know how to use second life soo.. u.u

I took some pictures about the arts

This was my favorite.. It is minimalist and simple.. i love it

It's amazing how people can make art in second life, it is really interesting. The sad part is that I couldn't find someone to talk :(

martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

A little project

For our third term project, we're designing a campaign for the Chinita's Fair to exhibit the products in the URBE EFL Center in Second Life.

This campaign its about of Novemer 18th (Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquirá's Day)

It's a team work and we decided to make a logo with a slogan, a poster and P.O.P material (Point of Purchase materials.)

Here is the logo

And this is the poster

And these are P.O.P materials

Then we have to exhibit our project on Second Life. In this picture you can see the poster, a table with the P.O.P material and some other stuff hanging on the wall. My avatar is a cool wolf, I think is cute (:

Being in Second Life was a unique experience. I learned that there are other ways to communicate with people from other countries in a way more fun. In Second Life you can be anything from a car to a wolf xD

This is the mind map that explains what we did...

This is a report note about our stand and our group and it's uploaded on SL:

For a job interview

I watched a video about jobs interviews that my teacher show me, and I lerned that...

For a job interview you have to take into account the clothing, dress appropriately for the occasion, maintain a clean and sophisticated look. To give a good impression you have to make eye contact, smile, handshake and a great show enthusiasm.

I also learned that job interviews can be done  in restaurants and cafes or by telephone. Interviewers can not ask questions related to family, culture or gender. The end of the interview is the most important because the candidate has the opportunity to ask questions. If the employer does not call you back, do not be shy them by call, or send a handwritten note thank you. Do not wait!

Here is the link of the video

This is a questionary that i've made. There are 10 questions I answered personally

1. How much experience do you have? 
I recently completed my degree in graphic design so I have no experience but I am confident that my skills at the college level has prepared me to make a great contribution to this company.

2. What software do you have experience using? 
I know how to use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehang, Adobe In Design, Macromedia Fireworks, Microsoft Office and Sony Vegas

3. How much information do you need to get started on anew project or assignment?
Enough to know the target and what i need to solve the problem in a unique way

4. What would you bring to this company?
I would provide new and fresh ideas to every project in the making.

5. In which branches of graphic design do you stand out the most?
I stand out the most in editorial design, packing design and the development of 3D models

6. How do you feel about team work?
Teamwork helps to get more ideas and improving communication skills

7. What is your favorite stage of the design process?
The final art, because I can see the artwork of my work and my effort

8. What are your weakness as a designer?
I tend to be a perfectionist and working under stress

9. Why do you think you are the right person for the job?
I have knowledge of the tendencies and styles used in graphic design nowadays, I think that combined with my work ethic would make a great situation for solving the companies problems in a creative and innovative way.

10. What do yo think about Graphic Design?
Graphic design is the combination of shapes, colors, typefaces, images and words that cause you to react or feel something. It is a graphic way to communicate a message with a determinate target.

Resume and Cover Letter(:

For this english assignment I had to write a resume and a cover letter...

This is my Resume

And this is my cover letter

miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

Let's play a game!

A few minutes ago, I was playing a game about prefix and sufix. It was really funny and I learned some new words like UNAVOIDABLE(:

My homework for this week(:


As you already know I am almost a graphic designer, so I have to find a job, that's why I used .

-Courier Communications

They are looking for a talented graphic designer with less than a year of experience and be capable to use InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. This job would be great for me because I can  use those programs.


This position is responsible for work with product managers, editors and site merchandisers to create exceptional designs to support online and print merchandisin. I would like to have this job because I know how to use the programas and I would like to improve my skills in this area of the career.


He is an american animator and illustrator. Keane is best known for his characters animation at Walt Disney Studios like  The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, and recently Tangled.

martes, 27 de septiembre de 2011

Characteristics of a Great and Mediocre Graphic Design Students : How to Be the Best Student Graphic Designer and Hang Out with the Successful and Talented Designers

Article Written by Kearan Emrith of Twentyfive Eight Design Solutions

Graphic design is one of the most under-estimated, under paid, yet most important career paths in the world. Design influences and effects everything in and around us. It aggravates our intelligence, beautifies our emotions and gratifies our senses. Yet the average person thinks if you slap together some primary colors and a photo of their favorite singer in Photoshop, save it as a .jpeg AND a .psd file, that they are now graphic designers. It’s not as easy as “common knowledge” may lead you to believe. Yes graphic designers use Adobe Creative Suite which does include Photoshop and other tools, but to become a successful graphic artist is much like becoming an athlete. Having all the right equipment isn’t even half the battle. It takes a lot of conditioning and training to get to that level that you need to get to. You will have to train your brain to speak the language of form, function, line, shape, positive and negative space and so forth. Your thought process will be so engrossed within graphic design that you will be able to visualize mind maps, brain storming, and futurist visualization within your head. You will only need to be put these ideas on paper to convey your ideas to the less fortunate. Mathematicians do calculus in their heads, designers should do creative brainstorming in theirs. The truth of the matter is that not all designers will be successful. Some will fail, most will remain mediocre, and the select few who are gifted all around will get exactly what they deserve … Everything.
Believe it or not amongst all the bull we have been fed throughout our lives there is some underlying truth. One of these truths is that education is the key. In graphic design the learning never stops. The industry is ever-changing and expanding to accommodate everyone in all different fields. The one thing they do not stress enough in the graphic design curriculum is to continue to READ. I know it sounds asinine and childish but the only way to stay informed and aware of the design world around you and your peers from across the globe is to follow the industry closely. Starting this as a student will not only get you in the habit for the rest of your career but it will also make you a better designer while in school. Designers feed off each others work and experiences more so than Hollywood musicals feed off of Broadway shows. We facilitate each other.
This might not be evident the first year of your graphic design program but it will become more and more obvious as the program goes on.  When my first year began, all of us seemed more concerned with making friends than making art. As the year progressed we all had our comfortable niche of students we worked with. Even if it was an individual assignment we would sit together in the library and feed off each others creative energy. Fuel each other to be the best we possibly could. In the first semester of the program I was in we were divided in half. Graphic design A (GRA-A) and graphic design B (GRA-B). We had the exact same classes, lectures and assignments but we were separated from the other group. I was in GRA-B and by the time first semester had ended I could tell who was going to be successful and who was going to fail after graduation. In second semester they inter-grated group A and B. In a way this was good but it started the weeding out the weak process all over again. This time was easier because I knew what characteristics to look for in students to classify them as mediocre.
In my opinion ... this person is so right in many ways, graphic design it's no easy as it seems and not everyone could be a good graphic designer. Also , it's true the thing about chosing the best students to be your friends and work with them even when you don't have to. Personally I always want a constructive opinion of them about my work. Here is the link of this page, in case you want to read the rest of the article...


 For my english class I have to write three sentences and tell about the verbe tenses.
"Even if it was an individual assignment we would sit together in the library and feed off each others creative energy."

  1. Obsolete not divisible; not separable
  2. existing as a single, separate thing or being; single; separate; particular
Sentences: *The teacher said that the exam is going to be individual.
                    * The room has individual sits.


  1. in or into one gathering, group, mass, or place.
  2. in or into contact, collision, union, etc. with each other
Sentences: *We have to bring the family together.
                    * The cars skidded together.


 A library is a collection of books, or is a room or a building where collections of books are stored. (noun)
Sentences: *You have to go to the librery.
                    * The librery is far away from my house.